iWarrior and Transformative Applications

Starting with a Phase I effort and culminating with a Phase II enhancement effort, and now looking at commercialization opportunities, HFDW developed iWarrior, a web based information visualization tool for commanders. iWarrior supports human behavior analysis, situation awareness, and mission planning by leveraging historical GPS data and presenting it to commanders in an easy to understand manner. Visualizations include playback of missions, mission notes, and importantly, statistics and heat maps which identify patterns in travel/patrol behaviors used for preventing insurgents learning coalition force techniques. Features of iWarrior have been transferred to other programs including Blox, Response Force, and Transformative Applications (HFDW has developed two Android mobile applications under the Transformative Applications program; MyHeatMaps and TransCalendar). Components of our products as well as entire in-house HF Designworks developed applications have seen use in Iraq (U.S. Army), Afghanistan (U.S. Army), Presidential inaugurations [by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)], and Boston Marathons (DHS). As part of an internal commercialization effort, HF Designworks has also developed these heat maps to be used by UAS (leveraging data provided by local UAS manufacturers) to show areas of travel for sensor optimization and fuel efficiency.